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Forex Trading Secrets of the Pros With Amazon’s AWS


Forex Trading Secrets of the Pros With Amazon’s AWS

Freely run your MT4 EAs and robots & back test limitlessly lightning fast. Get your 20 FREE servers while you still can..


Lecture: 76
Time Required: 5 hour
Downloadable Resources: 2
Access: Life Time
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of Completion


No prior knowledge of server setup is needed.
Have a desire to use the same technology that professional Forex traders already use.

What you will learn

Get 20 FREE Amazon AWS servers for 1 full year
Confidently setup 20 servers easily and quickly
Making mistakes with AWS servers is no problem, simple fixes in seconds.
Learn about the dangers of competing traders; VPS services stack hundreds of accounts onto one single computer
Learn how to maintain privacy and security of your trades from your broker
Learn how to use the same server configurations and setups of professional traders that allows you to trade with confidence knowing your hardware is backed by Amazon.
Learn how to create alerts that lets you know when something goes wrong, so you can still have a life while trading. (Lets you leave the house!)
Have full control over your servers through your mobile phone
Learn how to discover and test EA’s and re-optimize them every week
Be able to back test MT4 EAs in 1/20th of the time
Learn how to tap into limitless backtesting power
Learn about the dangers of latency (Internet delays)
Get a checklist of questions to ask your broker for the fastest server locations so you can get better trading results.
Be able to access all the powerful features of Amazon’s AWS Servers
Learn the easy way to do server backups
Learn how to keep your servers performing at its best
Learn how to back test your strategies in a fraction of the time
Learn how to manage your 20 servers
Understand why it’s important to not rely on home Internet connection to trade
Learn how to back test utilizing all 20 servers at once
Keep an ever growing resource for anything you want to do with Amazon’s AWS
Discover eye-opening trades that you didn’t know existed
Transform your way of thinking about trading: exploration of possibilities
Shamelessly exploit Amazon’s AWS servers for free
FREE BONUS: Ready-To-Go (R2G) Servers; Pre-configured and pre-installed software

Targeted Audience

All Forex traders who want to understand the hidden reasons why their trading is not going well as it should be.
New traders that want to learn how to do it right, from the beginning.
All Forex traders who want to backtest their strategies without the limitations of expensive hardware costs and want it done deadly fast.
All Forex traders who want to get 10 FREE MT4 trade servers and 10 FREE Backtesting servers from Amazon.
All Forex traders who want to use technology that professional traders use that was not affordable to “regular” traders.

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